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The transition to uni

Transitioning to uni is probably one of the most terrifying but exciting things I have yet experienced. However uni isn't for everyone and for those of you thinking of going this year or already have your place, my top advice is to make sure you definitely want to do that course.

Meet the lecturers, sit in on a class or do a group activity, because the lecturers and the environment are so important. Not feeling comfortable around your lecturers is something that will put you off your course so make sure you talk to students and really work out if its the course for you.

I went to an open day at a university and absolutely hated what it entailed, I only realised that after testing it out for the day. If I hadn't of done that I would be there now on a course I absolutely hate. Its vital you check these things out because you're the one going into debt.

Secondly don't try and stay close to home or go somewhere where your friends are. Its obviously not bad to stay close to home and your friends may end up at the same uni but don't think you won't meet other people as good as your friends, uni friends are going to be there everyday so you will never feel like you have no one. The bonus of staying close to home is that your family aren't that far away when you need them, but some of you might want to fly completely away and thats fine because you will do it.

Thirdly make sure you can cook the basics because sadly no one is gonna do it for you and you can't live off ready meals and take aways.

But the main purpose of this post it to make sure you choose the right course and feel you can confide in your lecturers

If you have any questions please feel free to ask x

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