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What do internet trolls achieve?


People who abuse others through screens are nothing but irrelevant low lives who envy a quality you have

if you remember sites such as Ask fm or form spring where bullying could literally take its toll, people could write anonymously about you, there was people who committed suicide over it. Yet these sites still continue to exist?

People abusing others trying to make them feel as low as possible in front of the millions who access the site

why should this be allowed? Why does it take thousands of innocent deaths to still not make any changes to these sites that promote bullying

I think everyone has experienced bullying online, its inevitable, you are always going to come across people in life who will have an issue for no reason. Jealousy

It was brought to my attention last week when a comment appeared about me on an app called Echo, now you would think as I'm at uni everyone is a lot more mature and anonymous comments don't exist. Sadly they do and sadly they still affect me. I didn't initially want to read the comment about me but then I didn't like not knowing. Reading it knocked my confidence completely, I felt worthless like I used to do when I was younger. I felt like the girl on ask fm again when I was 13, reading comments everyone else could see. I felt humiliated, I noticed days after I started focusing on my appearance badly again, things that haven't bothered me for years started to pop up and I could feel my anxiety increasing.

I then had to shake myself and realise this is exactly what that anonymous person wanted me to feel. Unattractive and worthless. Yes they did achieve that but the way I look at it is this person clearly hasn't got anything better to do with their life and they are focusing on mine which makes me feel quite special.

Don't let online trolls determine your self worth because they have none themselves and the only way they can feel better is affecting yours 

Ella x 

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