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Where do I see myself in five years time?

It always baffles me when people are unsure of their future because I'm someone who has always known what they have wanted to do, I can't imagine the stress of not knowing. My advice for people who are uncertain about life choices regarding career paths just do your research, no one wants to go into a job they have no interest in.

I've always known I want to be a journalist, however the area of journalism I have never been certain on. Since joining uni I've rediscovered my love for radio, being a radio journalist is something that excites me. However I've also always loved the idea of being an investigative journalist and doing documentary work, a recent assignment highlighted how much I miss doing filming and how I would love to do youtube videos, but I feel I don't have good content to grow an audience but I really want to try it out. On the other hand I really like the idea of celebrity journalism, working on a magazine like sugar or bliss. When I was younger I always used to like those kind of magazines but I feel being an agony aunt is so much more rewarding, having a section where I could help teenage girls would be a dream, everyone needs someone to talk to once in a while and what couldn't be better than millions of girls relating to the same question.

I know journalism is a very competitive industry. My advice to any of you thinking of going into it, start as soon as possible with work experience. MAKE A BLOG, make videos, work with charities, interview people. Its the experience and dedication employers look for.

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