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How to survive first year at university?

I think a lot of you or those of you who already attend university will know the stress of moving to a completely new place for you first year. It feels like centuries ago when I first moved to uni and in that period between then and now I honestly feel like a completely different person, I've matured by a billion % and also consumed my body weight in dominos, but hey thats all to come to you yet

When I first started looking at what people took to uni or their experiences of first year there was so many questions floating around my head, now I would love to do a youtube video to explain all of this and show you room tours and hopefully I will get round to doing that but my confidence in front of a camera is minimal. However watching youtube videos or reading blog posts about first year at uni is always insightful and extremely useful

So here's my guide that might answer some of your questions


You will make friends instantly, thats what your flatmates are for and supposedly they are supposed to match you with people of similar characteristics but I couldn't be further from different from my flatmates. Not a bad thing at all tho, mixing with new people you wouldn't have associated yourself with before is fun and a learning curve, you don't want to stick to the same people all your life, I'm not saying lose your friends from home but meeting others is fab. So you will meet your flatmates first and to feel comfortable before going to uni you should find on Facebook loads of pages for your halls and the uni in general, that way you can start talking to course mates and find your flatmates. I did that and when I first met my flatmates I felt like I already knew them as I had been chatting to them for months, so I would seriously advise that. If you don't get along with your flatmates your next port of call is course mates, again life long friends who you can get chatting to before your course even starts. Depending on the size of your course will alter your closeness with people, I attend a fairly small uni so its easier to form close bonds with people. But most importantly freshers will bring you close to everyone, you will be pre drinking with others around your building, meeting people on campus and then hitting the town. Freshers is honestly a very exciting week almost equal to my girls holiday last year, you will love it and don't think you will be left behind there is no point going out, push yourself out of your comfort zone, talk to new people and everything will be fine


Most universities are very handy with storage, my room has huge draws and shelves so storage is very good, other uni's may differ but the standard things you will get which I think will be fitted is a desk, bed and wardrobe. I also have a very good long mirror which is a bonus. That's why in previous posts I have recommended staying in halls rather than houses because storage is pretty decent. I would recommend taking with you crates or giant plastic boxes which you can purchase from ikea for books and everything else, these are handy for moving so always ideal. 

A must:

I thought this was stupid and embarrassing when my mum first suggested this but get yourself one of those blue ikea bags, your laundry will be so much easier, the walk there and back and you will find the majority of students carry their washing in ikea bags, so go for it

Kitchen storage:

In my kitchen we all have assigned cupboards, I have three in total and a shelf in the fridge and freezer. In the first week people had locks on their cupboards but realistically no one is going to steal your food, maybe just the odd plate or fork if you leave it on the side

If you have questions about uni you want answering please feel free to message me and I will help you out. I am hoping to start getting my channel going but we will see we will see

                                                                   Nutella x

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