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My financial role model?

What is a financial role model? I would say you learn from the two most important people who raise you, your parents. From an early age we learn to start handling money, we are given pocket money and we know that saving those small amounts could lead to buying something big, our independence kicks in from an early age. I think it depends on how you're raised, you might start saving early on due to your parents wishes or you might start later in life. First jobs then kick it, you want to start buying your own clothes and being independent, then you're leaving school and boom you're at uni and suddenly having to control everything yourself. You are in control of your finances and thats a pretty big deal.

My financial role model?

Has to be my parents. If I wasn't brought up knowing that things aren't just handed to you in life I would have a different perspective on controlling my income, and that perspective wouldn't be a good one. Without the guidance of my parents I would probably be taking out loans trying to support myself through uni, or opening an overdraft. But because they made these mistakes I have always been told to keep control of my money and don't do anything silly with loans.

So why am I writing about these two people? Because I think people need to understand that parent advice sadly is always the best advice, they have already been through it and made mistakes and the last thing they want us to do is continue making the same errors. The aim of this post is to inspire those of you concerned about finance to keep it under control and always confide in people if you feel you have no clue how to sort it.

My main goal in life has always been to be successful and to prove others wrong, again without the encouragement from my parents it would be impossible to have this mindset. I'm very optimistic and if things don't work out straight away I know they will eventually. This is the same with money, I always dwell on the fact I can't afford the latest Topshop clothes or cameras to do editing, but I know with my determination and motivation to keep blogging and finish my degree it can work out.

Determination to achieve?

Some of my best childhood memories are the holidays we would have in the summer, I knew how much money it took to save all year and the stress my parents felt to try and make us happy. This is what inspires me, their motivation that just because we weren't the richest or could afford the fanciest holidays we would go somewhere nice and make the most of it. The fact they would save for ages shows that you can afford nice things if you work for it. Not everything is handed to you on a plate, you're not going to wake up one day and your account is full.

Being financially independent?

I have learnt from my parents to be independent and don't rely on others or loans to try and help you out. Achieve everything solo and good things will happen, but getting into debt just to wear the nicest clothes is not worth it. It may feel like the end of the world at this age but there are people in this world with a lot less.

What makes them special to me?

I know that my parents are always a call away if I ever need money but relying on my parents is not something I want to do for the rest of my life, earning my own wage after uni and taking control of my own finances is something I aim to achieve successfully. An example of how they recently helped out is when I signed for my first house last month, something I still feel extremely young to even be considering, however with their guidance I was able to make sure everything I was singing up for was legit.

My tips for saving whilst at uni?

- Create a budget planner, plan your weekly meals, going out costs and set a limit each week
- Don't take out extra loans unless you want to be further in debt in the future
- It might feel like you have nothing right now but it will come together one day you just have to stay motivated

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