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My guide to staying healthy at uni?

When you first go to university you will find yourself living off domino's, McDonald's and any other form of takeaway or the classic microwave meals. You will find yourself eating your body weight everyday until it starts to sink in your body can't take it anymore and its a new year new you phase. I was like this for a good three months of uni, eating domino's twice a week and ready meals or pasta to fill up the other days. You do start to miss fresh cooked meals from your mum and the same tuna pasta bake ready meal becomes not so tasty as it was at the start. BUT don't worry almost every student goes through this, or continues eating like this throughout their years at uni. Hardly any freshers I know actually eat a meal they have prepared themselves so don't worry it is normal.

It got to the point I started noticing changes in my body, my skin was becoming worse, I was avoiding fruits completely and domino's and McDonald's were controlling my life, adding to this going out continuously and completing the day with intoxication of alcohol. I soon got very bored of this lifestyle and decided to change. It started with drinking lots of water, buying more fruits and cooking dinners. I am someone who finds it extremely hard to be healthy but I have been eating a lot better and noticing good changes to my body.

So here is how to change your lifestyle at uni

1) Eat breakfast, I could never be bothered to eat breakfast in the morning which made me distracted in lectures and ended up with me buying food everyday. Now I have either wheatabix with fruit or scrambled egg on toast followed by Greek yogurt and more fruit. This has filled me up in lectures and also means I don't have to buy snacks

2) I always used to buy lunch, this could be panini or pre made sandwiches with a chocolate bar and coke. I now make my own chicken and lecture sandwich and take a bottle of water. The amount of money I am saving for one is good and cutting down on snacks and coke has definitely benefited my skin

3) For dinner I now eat a range of meals, pasta and meatballs, chicken and rice, chicken curry, tuna pasta bake, fajitas etc. I'm making sure to use salad or peppers whenever I can. Honestly I feel a lot better and healthier in myself its definitely worth trying. I know how hard it is to change your lifestyle, its took me nearly 19 years to actually make a change

Let me know what your uni routine is and how you stay healthy, or if you have any general questions about uni at all 

                                                                           Nutella x

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