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Reasons why I hate being a girl in this modern day society

I feel a lot of you will be able to connect with this post as being a girl isn't always as easy as it may seem, that doesn't mean I don't think boys go through the same stresses or pressures in life, but as I am female I am writing from my perspective 

First things, Appearance

Appearance affects us all in different ways, everyone is different shapes and sizes, different face shapes, different facial details. But being female the pressures are sometimes too much. The pressure to be a certain body size, look a certain way and have the latest clothes. The pressure to fit in with others, to not stand out for looking different. The media portray the idea of perfect, glamorising unhealthy weights and making us think if we buy a contour kit our faces will transform to something else. Not only this it gives boys a false image of what a real girl looks like, we aren't all stick thin, perfect skin, naturally tanned and can do our eyeliner equally both sides. The way women are portrayed in the media isn't a fair representative of what a real female looks like or goes through

I mean who hasn't sat on youtube for hours looking at how to style your hair, how to draw your face on, how to get the perfect summer bod or how to dress the best. We have all done it because we are trying to achieve this image of perfect, which sadly doesn't exist unless you want to live your life through photo shop. Nothing annoys me more than the celebrities with millions of pounds who represent what females look like these days. Being a girl as soon as your other half sees a woman like that of course you are going to feel envious towards them, try and change how you look, but its all false imagery

Secondly, Clothing

Dressing for women, whatever you wear its always going to be sexualised in some manner, because that's how women seem to be seen, as meat and not as individuals. Now I am not saying this happens all the time but why is it, if a girl wears tight clothing a boy instantly has to comment, or stare or make you feel uncomfortable. However this is not just boys, girls too make comments referring to your body shape, who are you trying to impress? We live in a very judgemental society. If you get your legs out or wear a low cut top your seen as advertising yourself for attention. I used to hate wearing heeled boots on a nightout as men would always comment on my legs which would make me feel uncomfortable. We don't want to have to feel we can't walk down the street or wear something because its classed as sexual. Its unfair to label women like this, we shouldn't have to dress a certain way to avoid unwanted attention

If you can relate to any of the above, which the majority of you will then let me know. If you want to message me contact me through any of my social media links. Hope you all have a fab week 

                                                                     Nutella x

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