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Revolution makeup recommendations

Revolution makeup is a drugstore favourite and recently becoming even more popular than it was before, you might question why this is, one simple answer its CHEAP, not cheap like those makeup sets you used to get for Christmas to fill your stocking with a load of multi colour eye shadows and shimmery non stay lip glosses. No this brand couldn't be far from it. Obviously its nothing compared to Mac or Urban decay but sometimes you can't even tell the difference. The amount of times I have asked if someone is wearing a mac highlighter or eye shadow and they reply no its revolution is endless. If you haven't started building up a collection, I hope I can persuade you from this post

My current favourite product is the eyeshadow palette. Revolution do multiple palettes, some mixed, some neutral, going out styles, literally everything you will be stuck for choice. The palettes with 12 eye shadow selections are usually £4, which is a bargain. I am someone who loves using different neutral colours and I have recently discovered a complimenting revolution palette for this look. This palette is called Iconic 3, I can't recommend it enough, if you're someone who loves your neutrals but whats to experiment with glittery pinks and golds this palette is for you. I never used to think I would suit darker pinks on my eyes but this palette is very similar to the urban decay one. For £4 I would more than definitely recommend 


The first products I ever purchased from revolution was an eyeshadow palette and an eyebrow palette. Now if you're someone who struggles with shaping your brows or just simply don't own them like me , this eyebrow kit will work a treat for you. Its £8, which is pretty cheap for what it contains, there are different shades depending on your brow colour and a creamy highlight for under your brows which neatens them. When I first purchased this I found it hard to use as I've always used an eyebrow pencil so using a slanted brush was frustrating. If you're starting out shaping your brows I wouldn't recommend this, I would start with a pencil just to get used to shading. However you may find this is easier, it depends on your brows. For professional looking brows I would definitely recommend this, but if you don't get on with arched brushes and prefer a pencil I will explain later on in this post another recommendation I have

My latest favourite is the revolution gold lights highlighter. I never saw the appeal of highlighter until I started becoming more concerned with my brows and lightening up my cheek structure. I've been searching for a decent one and boom, this one has completed my life. Its not too in your face its a soft shimmery gold and it was £3.50. Its my favourite purchase so far due to how complimenting it is on the skin. Again revolution have plenty of different shades and palettes depending on what colour highlighter your after

Finally this leads back to eyebrows. Now as I've said previously I have aways struggled with maintaining my brows or even growing them so filling them in is quite a struggle. I have recently purchased an eyebrow pencil from revolution, however unlike a pencil this is more of a gel one, looking more natural on the brows and easily applicable. I'm not sure if I prefer this to using a pencil but I will experiment for a few weeks and let you know

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or ask on my social media links. If you have any recommendations from revolution also feel free to do the same

Nutella x

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