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Agony aunt

My blog has always been mainly dedicated to posting any advice I can offer. This has stemmed from boy troubles, self confidence issues, anxiety and depression, the struggles of growing up, pressures of society. You name it, I've wrote about it. 

Now I have been planning even more posts which will start tomorrow and I honestly love writing them. When you're so passionate about something and have experienced it yourself, telling other people and them connecting with you is the best feeling ever.

So I have loads of exciting ones planned, the first lot will be on relationships. I don't see many blogs these days acting as an older sister to you guys. I'm in my last year of my teens, I have been through the education system, been through the drama of boys, friendships and just growing up. I am here to listen to you and help you, so keep up with my social media and any questions contact me, I DON'T BITE

                                                              Nutella x

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