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Does social media affect relationships?


Sadly relationships aren't like the movies or the old days where you would exchange love letters, social media didn't have any interference with relationships. However these days we are on numerous platforms of social media, spending excessive time texting, surfing the web, liking posts etc. Are we spending more time looking at a screen than socialising with our partners?

Instagram is probably the biggest relationship destroyer or one for the trust issues arguments. On instagram you can follow anyone, like their posts, follow celebrities etc. However you are able to see what your partner likes, you might start questioning, who's that girl he's liked three posts in a row on. Are they chatting? Is she an ex girlfriend. If you look for things like this you're going to come across things you don't want to see. Personally I don't really enjoy watching my boyfriend like girls posts, but at the end of the day they are mostly his friends and people I shouldn't feel intimidated by because he's with me. Obviously if it becomes more of an issue where you're finding yourself constantly searching who he follows and whether he's liked their posts, talk. Thats the only advice I can give. At the end of the day you have the boy, you shouldn't have to feel intimidated by other people. Or just do it back to him and see if he's cool with you liking other posts.

Facebook, Facebook arguments usually stem from, why are you online and ignoring my texts, who are you talking to? Facebook allows you to see when that person is active and when they were last active. Now girls being little detectives add everything together, he told me he was going to sleep at 12, its now 20 past why is he still active? WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE. If I could decode a boys mind for you or how they work I honestly would love to, but I have no idea. My boyfriend says he will say night but then might get distracted by something on Facebook so he appears online again. Again once you're in a relationship with someone if you're weary about them being active on things, do you even trust them?

Finally TEXTING, boys and girls are completely different when it comes to texting, but it also depends on the type of person you are. The majority of boys aren't that emotive over texts compared to girls. Girls start reading between lines, think the boy is being blunt, which in some cases they are. But thats the issue with texting you can't actually tell if that person is ok. You start looking at their replies and timing of replies. My tip, don't think too much into texting, unless you have actually fallen out. Texting someone its impossible to actually know their intentions.

                                                             Nutella x

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