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My favourite past time has always been walking and photographing anything that interests me, I have a creative mind rather than an intellectual one and I like to question/imagine a lot of things.

Today we went to a National trust property, I usually just like walking around the grounds or staying in bed. But today I thought I'll be productive and make my blog a lot more interesting.

I'm not too sure how old this house is but it caught my eye the moment I saw it. I started imaging all sorts of scenarios like this would be a perfect setting for a horror movie or this would go well with my instagram feed (sad I know).

It always baffles me how time moves so fast, generation after generation yet buildings are frozen in time. The amount of families that would have lived here, the amount of deaths, pets, its all so interesting to think about.

Because I love kind of supernatural occurrences or ghostly experiences I was greeted to that in this particular house. On the walls were burn marks, which would have meant people would have stood there deliberately burning the walls. I mean how creepy is that? Imagine walking past a bedroom and the family are stood burning the wall with a candle. Mad. But thats what interests me, why would they need to do that, were they possessed, was it a ritual or have these marks just appeared randomly. Weird.

So I basically just wanted to document todays visit. Urban exploration is another thing I am huge on but it doesn't really interest my friends. I guess I just like being nosey

Nutella x

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