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Hello spring!


I don't know about you but Spring is my favourite season each year. Mainly because the weather is not too cold and not summery, you can dress wintery with a hint of summer, its lighter for longer and you can eat lots of chocolate

I mainly love spring because of the outdoors, so many photo opportunities, car journeys, day trips to places and the Easter holidays is perfect for that. 

Now again excuse my blog, I don't actually know if I will ever be happy with it, I keep downloading new templates and all I want in life is to be able to have menus that work so you can get around my blog so much easier. Its so frustrating when you want something to look a certain way but it doesn't work out that way

Anyway today's post is focusing on the first day of spring. So my favourite things in life are plants, except I have to have fake ones or they die. Today I thought I would show an updated room tour of my room away from university. I've moved into a smaller room but I like it and its all white which means I can work well with it. 

So here is my ' springy' interior. I love plants and candles but mainly keeping the bedroom simple but decorating with not too over the top colours. So here is my spring room, let me know your comments

Nutella x

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