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How to know if a boy likes you?

Boys are strange with emotions and so are girls, but as a girl I feel boys are more confusing (only from my experiences).

I feel that boys are a lot more closed than girls when it comes to talking about emotions. Both genders mature differently, its said boys take longer to mature than girls and we are genuinely aliens when it comes to understanding each other.

I constantly read posts and advice articles where girls are asking, DOES THIS BOY LIKE ME, HE'S GIVING ME MIXED EMOTIONS'. My response to this would simply be, if someone likes you they make EFFORT, if that boy is taking years to reply, barely giving you any time of day or constantly giving you the excuse he's busy, ask yourself, do I really want to date someone like this? Its crucial you notice signs like this before a beginning of a relationship because they shout WARNING (I feel like a lot of capitalisation will be needed in this post).

There are stereotypically 3 types of boys, the boy who gives you no attention that you fall head over heels for and cry hysterically into your pillow every night and then feel complete when he texts you a one word reply. The second type of boy is the cringey, cocky, over confident one who thinks he can pull you by looking at you and thinks he's gods gift and then the third one which all of us girls should punch ourselves for is the cute boys who make so much effort with you, pick you up when your down and instead we take our anger out on them by gushing about the first boy who couldn't give two donkeys about us.

Now there are some boys who simply don't get girls needs, but that's vice versa as well. I think you really have to click with someone to not feel any of this confusement . BUT someone who does like you will make that effort to text you, regardless of how busy they are.

You want to be with someone who's not afraid to show to everyone else your theirs. Someone who is constantly there for you no matter what and most importantly MAKES THE TIME.

We might be on complete different wavelengths with boys but GOD GIRLS CHOOSE THE BOY WHO WILL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, not the guy who texts back 3 days later.

                                                                              Nutella x

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