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Jealousy, night clubbing and maintaining friendships

As you all know I'm doing relationship related posts as a kind of series, so I thought a huge topic would be jealousy and how I deal with that in a relationship and tips etc. Not everyone is the same, every relationship is different but here is my verdict.

I think the hardest thing about going into a relationship is BALANCE. Suddenly you have this person in your life that makes you both happy and sad but mainly happy obviously and you want to spend time with them, go different places, make memories etc, this is all very exciting but at the same time you can't forget reality. YOUR FRIENDS. If I could give one piece of advice, NEVER DITCH YOUR FRIENDS FOR A RELATIONSHIP. Your friends are your rocks, don't think because you now have this significant other that everything will run smoothly and you can just focus on them because that is not how it works. Both parties keeping their friends close is so important, be a teenager still, go out and have fun. I think a lot of people assume when you're in a relationship you no longer go out with friends. Well most people do, it depends how mature you are about it. YOU CAN HAVE A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND AND FRIENDS. It is highly possible, its just all about balancing the time and not becoming too distant from either.

Secondly friendships. Now you can't stop your girlfriend/boyfriend from being friends with the opposite sex, because that is going to happen. You can obviously have an issue if they are spending significant time with that other person, but it is more than healthy to have your partner and a friend of the different sex. Firstly they understand that person, girls get girls, boys get boys, so in times of confusion they are great to get answers from if you have no idea what is going through your partners mind. Deep down of course we don't want our partners hanging around with some pretty girl or attractive boy, but its about trust and jealousy is inevitable but trust is so important, if you're weary about your partner and someone else then maybe re consider where you stand with that person. No one should be made to feel anxious or not trust the other.

Nightclubs! oh the joy of clubbing when you're in a relationships. The sour looks, the little domestics outside about some boy or girl dancing too close. It is difficult clubbing when your partner is in the same club. For me I find it extremely difficult as I see all these pretty girls dressed up and think my boyfriend might be attracted to them or even worse they make a move. I think anyone thinks like this in a relationship. Clubs arent the best place because you do see things you don't want to see or misinterpret actions the wrong way. But again it is about TRUST. The hardest thing to note is not everyone respects others relationships and thats why clubbing with your partner can be difficult. But don't let it be, have fun with your friends.

I hope this has been insightful for you, let me know your views of any of the suggested topics I made. 

                                                                              Nutella x

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