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Hello everyone,

 I apologise once again for lacking in blogging, but its ok, I've actually planned this weeks and I am going to stay motivated. Its really difficult thinking of content for you guys sometimes because I don't want to go over things I have already posted about. The other really annoying thing is I hate the look of my blog and when you download templates on line, the menus don't work properly which is extremely annoying, that's all I want in life is menus so you guys can get around my blog easily. So I am in two minds right now, I either scrap this blog completely that I have put blood, sweat and tears into and start a new blog on wix or something with interactive menus, or I somehow work out how to upgrade on blogger? If any of you know how to do this please please message me

Anyway today's post is my go to lipsticks. I always used to be a red girl, red lips with dark hair I think is very attractive because its a contrast and it just looks really good. So since I first started my love with lipsticks, reds were my fave. However since coming to uni, you will find not only you grow up a lot more but your fashion starts to change, you become influenced by new things and its all very strange but good. I am now a massive lover of pink lippys. I used to hate pink lips on me as I found it  a plain colour, now its the love of my life after finding brands that compliment my look the best.

So I have three favourite pinks that are all a matte finish.

 Numero one
I'll start with the one I have purchased every month since I started uni, a lipstick for both day and night. Its a darkish pink, but not too dark. Its a collection lipstick that cost £2.99, now a lipstick for this price you must think no this can't be long lasting, it doesn't last the entire day but it wears well. This is the dupe of velvet teddy I would say, its called collection long lasting 22, cafe au lait. Honestly its perfect.

Numero 2
My next favourite is my mac lipstick velvet teddy. I have known about this lipstick for a while but never got the hype about it until I actually got it. I can honestly say it is worth £15.50. The colour is flawless, again both a day and night colour, the only issue its not long lasting, its perfect for photos and a night out but needs to be re applied which is really sad and makes you spend even more money. BUT its actually worth it and I wouldn't say that about a lot of products so I recommend you try out mac lipsticks. 

Numero 3
Now my final fave lipstick is one I recently discovered, long lasting and I mean that long lasting you have to scrub it off your lips. Again a darkish pink, both daytime and nighttime wear. From the brand Sleek, £4.99. Its called 'birthday suit' the colour is lush, definitely my favourite one, I have been wearing it more than velvet teddy because it lasts so long. Its matte the only issue is it can dry your lips out, other than that recommend highly. 

So these are my favourite three, I leave the links below. Seriously check them out, I always have a good eye for lipsticks, let me know your favourites or if you have tried any of these.

Cafe au lait
Birthday suit

Nutella x

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