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The beginnings of a relationship

The 'honeymoon period' lasts for about 3 months max until you're completely comfortable with each other and life continues, thats stereotypically.

Every relationship is different, you might find at the start you are really uncomfortable around each other and grow to be comfortable or you might get on really well and things go downhill. Its all a learning curve. How much time should you spend together, should you try and go out for dinner once in a while, go shopping, go out the house, is it too early days for a first holiday? How do you juggle commitments like friends and university work. It can all be hectic but if you love someone (cringe) its worth it right?

Growing up I have always felt uncomfortable around boys. Scared to be open with them, scared to tell them how I feel and even more scared of not being attractive or good enough for them. I think this crosses every girls mind. In a previous relationship I was with someone who made me realise all my insecurities, that didn't accept me for being me or quite literally didn't understand me. I think this is red warning signs at the start of a relationship, because the most important thing to me is being able to discuss freely about everything and not having to feel like I'm stepping on eggs.

When I met my current boyfriend, I don't know if it was due to the living situation we were in but I immediately felt drawn and at home with him. I was more than comfortable around him and to express myself which I think is so important. Being able to discuss any of your concerns about a relationship is what makes it healthy and if you don't have that kind of ordeal it can make things very sour which I learnt previously.

The first three months of a relationship are very important, everyday you're learning more and more about that other person. Meeting their family, seeing their good and bad side. The first three months are a tester. So be prepared for the downfalls not everything is good all the time but two open minded people who talk is what makes a relationship healthy.

                                                                     Nutella x

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