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The last year of my teens?

So I've recently turned 19 and that's pretty terrifying when that means next year I'm 20 and my teens are over? Sadly I feel that I didn't make the most of them, I spent the majority of the last 7 years focusing too much on my appearance, letting people affect me, not pushing myself out of my comfort zone, letting stupid boys upset me, going in and out of friendships groups the list goes on and on and on

BUT its not all negative, I'm slowly becoming the person I actually am, its hard to describe what its like being me. The only way I can sort of explain is I feel like I'm in a shell and the personality I have deep deep down doesn't show and I feel almost trapped. Its very hard to explain, its a mixture of things combining with anxiety and my perception on myself. This has held me back from things but at the same time I'm constantly proving I can do it. All I am going to say to you if you feel like this is please push yourself, you can do so many exciting things when your this age, so many opportunities compared to when you're older so go out and do it, build up your CV

Wasting away your teens focusing on petty things that won't even contribute to your older self is so not worth it. I wish I could show that to you. Don't be afraid to do what you want, achieve what you want. People put their noses up to me when I started blogging, why do you want to do that? Don't listen to them. I've now started youtube and I'm going to try my absolute best to upload because its something I want to do, not what others want me to do or not do. PLEASE don't let others hold you back, so what if it doesn't work out at least YOU tried

The second thing I want to say is, if you're anything like me you will feel like you don't achieve anything or it takes ages to get anywhere with grades or assignments. I FEEL YOU trust me. Theres people in this world who start a blog or a youtube channel and boom they have thousands raking in. Don't let this stop you, its always better working hard for something. I'm not saying those people haven't but don't compare yourself to others

I think as well in your teens you have all these goals such as travelling, holidays, house parties, perfect romances and hey they do work out but its not lie the movies not everyone can afford the biggest festivals, travelling every few months, hardly any teenager has this lifestyle but don't feel like your missing out

All I am trying to say is don't waste your teens being miserable, be happy and achieve the best you can

This year I am determined to start driving, pass first year of university, get a house and let my blog and channel grow

Never give up x

                                                                         Nutella x

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