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The unexpected

I think as humans we think we are indestructible that unlucky things don't happen to us, its people on the news or not so close relatives. We live our lives taking everything for granted, we are a very developed county compared to others, we may not have an effective health service all the time but they do everything they possibly can.

The purpose of this post is to appreciate life, appreciate the people you have around you right now, because things change, things change in a seconds. I encountered this two days ago when I honestly thought I would never see my dad again. I'm the sort of person who goes into panic mode, the future is in front of me before the situation can even be resolved, I think the worst of every situation but I genuinely believed this was it, how was I going to continue my life without him. It all seems very dramatic right? But I'm warning you this can happen out the blue like it did to us.

We were driving back from my boyfriends when my dad suddenly lost his speech and movement in one side of his body. It was even more terrifying as he was driving the car, luckily he managed to pull over and whatever happened to him was gone in a minute. It was a mini stroke.

Scarily this can happen to anyone at any time. Would you know what to do in this situation because I had no idea but to only call an ambulance. Luckily I wasn't alone in the car with him and had the support of my mum where we managed to get him to hospital.

I think the scary realisation in this life is that things do just happen and you have no control of it. You might have someone in your life one second and the next they are not there. I think its really important to know what to do in this kind of situations and just don't take everyday for granted.

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