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Why anonymous sites need to be banned

We are all major social media obsessors these days, constantly scrolling down time lines, posting pictures on instagram, tweeting, uploading youtube videos or just being a typical fangirl/boy. But does the access we have to social media completely control our lives? I would say yes, over social media you can be someone completely different to who you are in the real world. You can create whatever identity you like, talk to people you would probably never talk to and express yourself in a way that you wouldn't do if it was face to face with that person.

Now we all remember sites like Ask FM and form spring? The anonymous sites which I have always been against although I am too brainwashed into reading what goes on. These sites are generally toxic, toxic to individuals, our self esteem and perception of others. Keyboard warriors hide behind their screens and target individuals. Now you would have thought by the time you get away from high school and all the drama there, people would have actually grown up at university. Sadly this isn't the case. A new trend now is called Ekho, it was removed off the app store I'm guessing over complaints of people being victimised by anonymous bullies. However it has returned to the scene.

So on this site you are able to write anonymously, this could be anything, but most of the time its used to single individuals out and humiliate them. Next to that persons comment you are then able to vote thumbs up or thumbs down or even comment where people can still join in and like it. I think this is disgusting. Its disgusting that a site has been created to basically allow bullying and keyboard warriors easy access. The other thing you're able to do is actually write whatever name you like, so people could pretend to be you and write posts. Again sound stupid doesn't it? Its promoting bullying and all sorts of dramas.

What would be interesting is how many reports a day this site must receive and why its still allowed to continue. Do the people who created this not think about the side effects it has on individuals as far as suicide, some people suffer with self esteem, appearance and mental health issues. Imagine seeing that posted continuously. Now you will say why download it then, yes you're right, why put yourself through the pain of reading comments about you. My argument is why should they be able to do that in the first place and get away with it, regardless if its you or not.

Let me know your views on anonymous sites and if you have ever been affected by them

                                                                          Nutella x

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