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Would you go on a lads/girls holiday in a relationship?

I think everyone dreads the idea of their partner going abroad for a lads or girls holiday. Mainly if you have experienced the wild side of partying abroad yourself you will understand that you don't really want your other half to come into contact with half of the things you witnessed.

At the same time being in a teenage relationship, these things are going to happen. You can't miss out on your youth due to having a bf or gf. You are still allowed to go out and do these things as long as you know boundaries.

Now I was reading a forum on this earlier and someone made a very important comment, why would going abroad make your partner cheat than in the UK? If they are going to cheat they aren't just going to do it abroad. People aren't more sexually active just flying a few hours away, it depends on the type of person you are and whether you would want to throw your relationship away.

A lot of people say, you can't trust them abroad, or what happens on holiday stays on holiday. If your partner can lie next to you at night and not be honest about what happened then question your relationship. People in committed relationships wouldn't think twice about cheating.

The other theory is, when you go abroad it just 'kinda happens', you 'accidentally' fall into the arms of a stranger and end up in their bed? One word for this BULL. I went to Malia single, didn't even kiss a guy let alone really talk to many. Some of you will say how is that a holiday? How did you have fun? My idea of fun is being with my friends having a good time, I didn't need a one night stand to complete my holiday. I will never be that type of person. I mean theres nothing wrong if you want to go abroad and sleep with people, but there wasn't anyone who I even fancied and that's not even me being picky, I just wasn't really looking for it.

When you're on holiday you do meet loads of people, but that doesn't mean your partner is going to cheat. If you don't feel comfortable with the idea of them going abroad with their friends then seriously re consider your relationship and trust. Because a good relationship you're obviously going to be anxious but you know they would never hurt you.

Let me know your views and experiences if you've had relationships whilst you have been abroad

                                                                                  Nutella x

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