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Bad skin? My tips

Wouldn't this world be great if we were all blessed with clear skin. I always used to have good skin growing up and it was by the time I turned 18, started drinking more, sleeping less and having more of a work load piled on me, I noticed my once fresh face had turned bad.

It started with just a rash on my forehead. Now in some respects I'm lucky because its just on my forehead and its not that noticeable, but to me it knocks my confidence completely.

So I have tired many things in order to get rid of this rash.
- Don't use toothpaste, because it doesn't make them go,if anything they flare up more. I would only use toothpaste on one huge spot but not on multiple in the same area.

-Squeezing doesn't resolve the issue, it just spreads even more and its a vicious circle.

- Don't rub the area with towels or anything harsh to the skin as this can aggravate it even more

- Make sure you always have a clean face, don't keep touching it or piling concealer over it

- Drink lots of water, the more water I drink the more I notice it go down

- Change your diet, spots tell you what areas of your body you're affecting, so listen to your body

- Don't use facial scrubs or masks, again this aggravates

- Go to the gym, become more active

-Use a light base foundation and concealer, don't cake it on top

- Use a non greasy moisturiser, Simple is perfect for this

My skin has still not healed but I have learnt to deal with it and those are some of my ways. Let me know your coping mechanisms.

                                                                         Nutella x

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