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Best place to eat? BILLS

Now being a student is a struggle and its only once in a while you can venture out to a nice restaurant. If you're anything like me I'm all about interior. If I walk into a place that has candles, lots of frames on the walls, different jars of things, cute lights, I'm instantly sold. Perfect for the insta photos as well AND usually if the place has good presentation so will the food and the taste will be mind blowing.


Well ladies and gents, I would like to introduce you to Bills. I discovered this place on my first day of uni, even tho I was too nervous to eat the food, after going back twice its deffo my top place. I am that boring person who orders the SAME thing every time, don't know why, just feel committed to it and I know I like it.

Bills is quite pricey but not too bad, I mean a main meal and a drink is £15 which is pretty good. The staff are extremely friendly and you just get good vibes, just a nice place to go.

Today I ordered a buttermilk chicken burger, it was beautiful as well as sweet potato fries, which Bills introduced me to. I am so full after a burger can't even manage a pudding, don't know if anyone else is like that?

So if you're looking for quite a fancy not too pricey place to eat, go BILLS. Honestly if you have a bad experience I don't know how, just such good vibes and the foods presentation is perf.

Let me know your favourite restaurants and thoughts on Bills?

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