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Today I got drawn into one of those offers that makes you think you aren't spending anything. But I did only spend £8, which is pretty good. I am still trying to build up a collection of drug store makeup, so today I bought more to add to it.

I saw Collection had a 3 for 2 offer on and I actually did need 3 products, so worked out quite well.

Fast stroke eyeliner

I haven't yet tried these products but I have been really struggling with applying winged eyeliner recently. I mean literally doing ten attempts on a daily basis and rubbing my eyes sore, love being a perfectionist some times. If any of you have any winged eyeliner tips for the best look either side or even a good brand you get along with please let me know. So I thought I would give another brand a try. This will be my last attempt at using liquid eyeliner because I just can't get on with the pencil ones. This one looks an easy application, but thats always easier said than done. My only issue with liquid eyeliner is I find the brush starts to become stubby after a while, like thick and clumpy and then my wings just don't work at all. So this cost £2.99. 

Pressed powder

I have been thinking about using powders again to set my foundation and have a face that is long lasting rather than having to apply makeup every few hours. In the past I haven't used powders as I have never got the right colour or they make my skin extremely dry. However they have always been quite thick powders or the cream style ones, so today I found this light base one which will match my skin tone. So I will let you know how I got on with that. This was £1.99.

I am always sceptical about makeup when its below £5, but Revolution has proved me completely wrong, so now I am more than open to trying cheaper products.

Lasting perfection concealer

If I could rate this product and try and sell it to everyone I would. By far this has been one of my favourite concealers to use. Only issue is I love it that much I use it up so quickly. Its supposedly 16 hour wear, but as I have already tired this out before I can confirm it is very long lasting and highlights your skin perfectly. So if you're looking for a natural, illuminating concealer I would highly recommend this one for £4.19. Very affordable.

Let me know if you have any products from Collection or if you have any of the above. I am still having issues with replying to comments so please don't think I am ignoring you, I have read them it just only lets me reply to some which is very frustrating.

I also hope you like my new blog look, finally after two years sorted everything out. Hope you have all had a fab week. 

Nutella x

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