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I think the hardest part of a relationship is that it doesn't always stay the same. People change, life changes and you just grow older right? Sadly you might start to grow apart from that one person who was once your everything but that isn't a huge issue. I will never understand people who devote their lives to their other half, you have to have a life of your own, achieve your own dreams and ambitions. You can't live a life attached to someones hip. Because the hardest lesson you learn in life is that people are temporary and you HAVE to put your happiness first.

I think my main fear is how my relationship will pan out as I met my boyfriend at uni and hey ho he was my flat mate. Which a lot of people originally turned their noses up at, like its some form of incest but its not weird at all now. We don't spend every waking moment with each other, I mean we lay our heads on the same pillow at night and that's the best thing, waking up and going to sleep together but the hardest thing I am going to have to get used to is living apart. Not having someone to go into at night or snuggle up to when I'm down. Although he will only be a 15 minute walk away I am still terrified our relationship will disintegrate because we have done things the opposite way round. Instead of falling in love over a string of dates, we fell in love in our own comfort, our flat.

BUT, you can't think like that. I hate people who think of the end of their relationships or estimate how long it will last, why do that? If you're serious about someone you will last through anything. Being a teenager or young adult these days, relationships are hard due to other commitments, friends, university, family, work and hobbies but also clubbing.

I think the point of this post is you have to always put yourself first, don't rely on someone to always be there because they might not. As you grow older times change as well as feelings, but if you're truly meant for someone you will get through it.

My parents met at 19 and were married by 21 which seems pretty young these days. I see me and my boyfriend as a future not as a university relationship and people who think of relationships as ending after a few months are not with the right people.

Keep yourself happy, obviously don't be selfish to your partner but just be warned things do change.

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Apologies for the lateness of this post, currently revising in a very full uni building.


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