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Eyebrow envy?

Who doesn't have eyebrow envy? The most hated part of my appearance along with my nose is my eyebrows. I stupidly shaved them and plucked them to death when I was younger due to bullies commenting on the thickness, now I would die to be able to have nice thick eyebrows. When I was younger it wasn't the trend to have thick eyebrows, everyone had them quite square, overly plucked and straight/thin. I got a bit too obsessive with mine and over plucked, now when I look back at photos I cry inside because I can't believe how awful I look. Eyebrows can completely change your appearance, and most of the time for the better. So that is my biggest regret in life.

So, I don't know when I started filling my eyebrows in, I think when I was 17, couldn't deal with the thinness anymore, and my eyebrows were fairly fair anyway so they were hardly visible. I started by just outlining my brows which made them a bit more appealing, but as I have grown older my hate hate relationship with my brows still exists. I still don't actually own brows, they never grew back, they have stayed the same shape. SO to any girls reading this, never pluck your own eyebrows, don't allow people's comments to change you.

I now have A LOT better brows, I mean they are actually visible. I started experimenting with different products and style of brows. I started off major thick and now I'm kind of medium. The arch is the hardest part but I can only ever seem to do it on one side. So now I have one good brow one bad one. Don't know if anyone else suffers with this? But I can't get my brows even for hell, so if you have any tips please let me know.

If you have suffered with bad eyebrows well done for soldiering on, I applaud you because the journey is hard.

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