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Feeling irrelevant? GIRL TALK

I think we have ALL been through phases and still do now where you feel utterly irrelevant to everyone, that you could fall off the face of the earth and no one would notice. Everyone has days like this but today I am talking about feeling irrelevant around friends. Now I don't know if its any easier for boys and friendships but I always feel girls become WAY too close to their friends, forming sisterly unbreakable bonds. Which can be toxic sometimes.

However not every friendship is so pally pally. Girls are vile, girls do form close friendships with one other person and girls can make your life a misery and sadly these can be your friends. You might feel like the friend who is on the side, waiting for an invitation for things, the one asking to get into photos or desperately trying to fit in. A girls friendship group can be hard and it can feel even harder to fit in.

Fitting into a new friendship group who are already close can be the most daunting thing ever. You feel like the topic of conversation, every move you make, you don't know whether they are asking questions about one another in order to turn you against the other half of the group. WOW I am making friendship groups feel bad, they really aren't that bad. And not bad at all if you're with the right people.

If you feel you don't fit in, have completely different interests, they enjoy doing bad things like drugs or getting in trouble. Then ask yourself are these the right people? Its easy as a teenager to get involved with the wrong people, to be influenced and pressured by others. But if you have a strong mind and good determination you won't get anywhere close to people like this. There is nothing worse than being around people with no ambition.

A friendship group is your rock, if you feel not welcome, judged or just ignored don't be part of it. The 'popular' girls at school used to be the girls who would have the most toxic relationships, you don't want friends like this who are only interested in their popularity. You want friends who push you to do good things and don't make you feel insecure.

Don't get into a nasty or bad friendship group, be in a friendship group that appreciates you

If you have any worries or queries about anything mentioned above please feel free to message me or comment if you have ever been in a toxic friendship group or remember the joys of 'popular' people at school.

                                                                Have a fab week x

                                                                            Nutella x

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