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Theres nothing more I hate in life than the word 'Frigid', the derogatory term used to label people who are maybe virgins or don't want to get with that person. You usually hear the word off some sour boy you parred off at a party. Some boys think they can pull anything than moves and if you are one of those girls who doesn't appreciate boys like this, you won't give them any time of day and you're suddenly seen as this huge virgin or frigid person. Ridiculous isn't it?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin or not wanting to do things with someone. The girls that sleep around with a dozen people and don't care how boys treat them are the ones who don't respect their selves which I find very sad, as I think all girls should know what it actually feels like to be appreciated by a boy.

I don't know where the term frigid came from but it always turned up on urban dictionary along with a load of other stupid terms to label people who just genuinely respect themselves. If you don't want to do something with someone, or have sex or even kiss that does not make you frigid. The people that say that to you are the ones who are desperate to get with you and YOU HAVE TO IGNORE IT. Please don't feel pressured by people like this, there is nothing wrong with you.

I always used to think there was something wrong with me because I didn't fancy getting with randomers or losing my virginity on a one night stand. I was always labelled frigid but I am one of those few people who actually prefer to be with someone you actually love and someone who appreciates me.

If you are ever nicknamed frigid or a virgin, don't take offence. Those people need to go back to the playground.

Tomorrow I am starting my beauty posts, I hope you have enjoyed this relationship series let me know your comments, its been nice to read them and know its helped or you can relate. My only issue is the comments don't show but I do get them, so if anyone knows how I can change this that would help loads. I do have messages activated but I think its something to do with the template.

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