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GIRL TALK- The pill


Sorry about not posting yesterday I haven't been very well for the past week. I decided after the education posts I didn't know what else to discuss, so I'm not starting a GIRL TALK series, wooo. I used to love reading advice sections online and in magazines when I was younger so I wanna educate and help out you guys as you grow older. I want to start off today with the contraceptive pill, this pill isn't just for protecting you when having sex but can also be used to prevent periods if you suffer with them heavily. So I am going to offer you my advice, if you're planning on starting the pill and the kind of things you can expect, although it differs for everyone.

So there are two types of the pill:

-The mini pill
-The combined pill

The most popular for girls ranging from 16-25 is the combined pill. This is 99% effective from preventing pregnancy BUT not STD'S. 

How it works?

You take it for 3 weeks (21 days) then on the 4th week you should have a period. The positive when taking this pill is the time frame, it can be anytime of the day but its best to take it at a set time everyday. This can be in the morning when you wake up or before you go to bed. Once you get into a routine its very easy to stick to.

Tip- If you're forgetful, set a reminder on your phone, mine stays on my screen daily until I mark complete. This is the best way to stay safe.

Side effects?

With any medication there are always going to be side effects or your body rejecting it. The effects you can expect range from swollen boobs, mood swings, headaches. But its highly unlikely you will suffer from all of these or if any. When you get the pill there is an information leaflet, I advise you read that thoroughly.

Obviously if you miss a pill you are at the risk of pregnancy. On the combined pill this isn't such an issue as if you missed one on the mini pill. Missing one won't affect you too much as long as you take another, missing two or three imposes the risk of pregnancy.

My views?

I have only recently just started taking this pill, but the reason I decided to change from the mini pill to this pill is because I wanted to have a natural period again instead of having an irregular.

The mini pill

How it works?

The mini pill is known as the 'progestogen only' pill. Unlike the pill which contains oestrogen and progestogen, the mini pill only contains progesterone. With this pill you either get irregular periods or don't at all, some people might like the idea of this, I did at the start but then decided against it.

Side effects?

I have suffered with mainly very swollen boobs from this pill. Again not everyone has the same effects but I had to change pills recently as I was suffering from too many effects and getting irregular periods or two periods in a month, which isn't ideal.

My views?

This pill is usually given to people over weight or suffer with heavy periods. I personally didn't get on with this pill as I never knew when a period was coming.


You don't pile on weight, my eating habits haven't changed the most that has happened is maybe 1 or 2 pounds but nothing obvious

Let me know if you have suffered from any side effects or if you are planning on starting the pill and need advice.

                                                                        Nutella x

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