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GIRL TALK- Why you should never let someone control your happiness

Your happiness is so important, not only this your self worth and everything that makes you. As soon as you get involved with someone these all merge together with the other person and you kinda lose yourself in them?

You become part of them and suddenly its no longer I its us or we. Strange right? Pretty scary how someone can come into your life unexpectedly and you unite like a team.

BUT its so important not to get too reliant or attached to people. I can't stress it enough. Thing is people can be temporary. They can be your entire world one second and a blocked stranger the next.

You have to not lose yourself within this person, don't get obsessive or controlling, because they can just leave. You have to be prepared anyone can do this to you, and when it happens you feel like you have nothing to live for, no motivation, no self esteem and you kill yourself with over thinking.

STOP right there.

If someone walks out of your life, get yourself back up off the ground, brush them away and show them you don't need them. Don't wait around for people, don't waste your tears and time. DO you and be motivated, you did it before them, you can do it now.

                                                                              Nutella x

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