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How to get through GCSE's

This weeks posts are going to be around education. I'm going to be starting with GCSE's and what I did to achieve the best possible results and any fears I had. So let me know any advice you would like on secondary school/sixth form or uni, and I'll be happy to help.

I think GCSE's were the most terrifying aspect of my life. I really struggled with maths and couldn't even pass a foundation paper. I am the sort of person who works extremely hard but will never achieve those top grades. I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to achieve high. My advice is don't put enormous amounts of pressure on yourself, you will start sleeping less, constantly worrying and just set yourself up to fail. So please just remain calm and oh my days please think positively, a negative mind will never help.


You can't 'wing' GCSE's, unless you're not that bothered about your future, I suggest you really work hard. They aren't easy, they might be if you're naturally bright, but even the brightest of people really struggle. The key is routine, you have to get into a routine of revision. I know its extremely boring, stressful and just seems like the end of the world. But its ok, the end result is worth it. 

Things to do

Create a revision timetable. I used revision planner, it had a timetable template and even set out what I was supposed to revise a day and how many hours. I can't stress how much this helped. The second thing I did was read, reading is very important, I knew the text books back to front. I always used to highlight basically the entire book and cover it with posted notes. I would then make flash cards, writing a question or key word on the front and then the answer on the back. I have kept this revision technique till this day. The other thing you can do is posters, sticking them on the wall and reading off them first thing in the morning or at night will help stay in your memory. Finally key words, create glossaries and revise them, this is perfect for revising things like English, french and sociology. 

Top tip- Use past papers until you never want to see another one in your life. They are so helpful, questions will be similar every year, just different wording. If you get used to how a paper looks this will help you so much.

The exam

Firstly READ the question. I always used to rush and just wrote whatever came into my head. Really think the question through, don't keep watching the clock.

Take a HIGHLIGHTER, highlight the key parts of the question, this can help jog your memory

EAT, If you're anything like me who's belly rumbles like a dying whale and you're really conscious of it, eat loads. Literally a full breakfast and a chocolate bar.

Drink lots of water but not too much where you're going to end up needing to go to the toilet half way through

STAY CALM AND DON'T STRESS, I know its incredibly hard but stay positive

If you have any questions about exams or revising please feel free to ask, also let me know your top revision tips.

Nutella x

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