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Losing a bestfriend?

As you grow up you realise people change, people can change in the few months you know them or even the years you have spent with them. I think girls form friendships much closer than boys, girls act as sisters, they become inseparable until one thing and this thing could tear them apart which is usually boys.

I don't know what it is with boys but they manage to worm their way into girls friendships. This causes tension because your best friend might not like this boy and you are stuck in that awkward situation of who's more important. If this boy is a friend I would always choose the best friend who has been there for you through everything. Don't let silly boys come between you.

I have drifted in and out of friendship groups as I've grown up because I never really felt like anyone's best friend, I was just their shoulder to cry on when they were down, and sadly I have always been that kind of person, no matter how miserable I feel I will always be there for people who would walk all over me. Don't be this kind of person, because it gets you nowhere being consistently there for people who couldn't care.

You will know when you meet your best friend its pretty much like having a boyfriend. You want to spend so much time together, you get jealous of them being with other people, you take endless pictures, day trips, clubbing. Its all very exciting and I can't imagine not having someone to share that with.

I met my best friends when I went to sixth form, although they were already close I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and actually have a friendship group for once. These group of girls have been the people I have laughed endlessly with over the last 3 years but there have been fights like any friendship group. The issue is you are always going to have people who are closer in groups and you will feel left out. Don't know if any of you have experienced this?

I have learnt now not to get too close to people anymore, I mean I obviously have my closest friends but keeping one best friend is impossible for me and I don't really understand why. I feel like I'm too nice to people and I'm just their shadow.

I think the life lesson is don't get too attached to people before you actually know them really well, because losing a best friend is just as painful as losing a relationship.

                                                               Nutella x