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March favourites

Today is my last beauty series post, I will be posting about a new topic next week and then I will probably go back to random posts but still on a daily basis. So I hope you have been enjoying these posts, let me know what else you want to see.

Now I know its April, but I haven't done a March favourites, so this is what today's post is on.

(Apologies for quality of photograph, left today's post too late so had to take on my phone with not the best lighting)

Aveeno moisturising lotion

I posted about Aveeno earlier in the week and how it magically heals dry skin and just gives you healthy hydrated skin. Usually this is for your body like arms and legs but you can use on your face. I think there is a specific one for your face but as long as you don't smoother your face it won't kill you. I would really recommend this if you're searching for a moisturiser to help clear your dry skin. 

Soap and glory original pink body spray

If you're like me and your bank account balance can't afford expensive perfume my alternative is soap and glory. I have always been a fan of the natural collection sprays which don't seem to exist anymore, very sad. However a slightly more expensive version is this spray for £4 in Boots. Its just a really nice fruity fragrance, long lasting and perfect for daytime and nighttime wear. So that is another product I have been loving.

Sleek Matte me body suit

If you're looking for a matte long lasting lipstick that literally lasts all day and you're finding yourself having to scrub it off your lips. Look no further than sleek lipsticks. These matte lipsticks are perfect for all day wear and even better for nighttime. There are current 5 different colours, I never liked the idea of matte lipsticks but this one doesn't dry out your lips and really makes them stand out, complimenting your face. I think this was £4.99.

Rimmel highlight,blush and contour palette

Another thing I have been loving is Rimmels new palette. The colours are very complimenting on the skin, would suit any skin type and whats even better if your a beginner to contouring and highlighting like me, there are demonstrations on the back where to apply and for the best results. I would really recommend this as the colours aren't too sharp but natural and can be worn both daytime and nighttime.

Collection cool rose primer

This is the first primer I have ever purchased as I never saw the hype, but now I understand why. If you want your skin to have a natural glow underneath your foundation, I would highly recommend this. The colour is lush and just makes your skin super soft and hydrated. So if you want a more healthier glowing look, I would definitely purchase a primer. This one was £5.99.

Beauty blender

Ok, I am no beauty expert, I don't really use brushes, I have only ever used my hands to apply makeup apart from brushes for eye shadows. I heard the hype about beauty blenders but there was no way I was spending £16 on a sponge when I wasn't good at applying makeup anyway. So I went into Superdrug and found a smaller version for £5.99. This has literally changed my makeup for the better. It blends your makeup in so effortlessly you will feel like a makeup artist. My skin has never looked better, I don't know how it does it, until you try it, its hard to explain the difference from using it compared to using your hands.

MUA pallete

I have been loving this palette recently. I love pinks and golds on my eye and this palette has everything I need for a day and night look. Not only that it has creamy eye shadows which I use to prime my eyes, making my eyeshadow more long lasting. I would really recommend checking out MUA, this is the first product I have got from them and I love it. I also know this is mega cheap so its definitely worth experimenting with.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know your current favourites or if you have any of the above. 

Nutella x

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