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My go to highlighters

Today's post is my go to highlighters. Now if you're not much of a makeup expert like me, I only recently discovered highlighting and I think its my favourite thing to do. Highlighting really brings out different features on your face and can make your bad skin look flawless. I recommend. So I have a few products from high end to affordable drug store price, that will make applying your makeup and feeling comfortable in your own skin SO MUCH more bearable.

So these are my four highlighting products,

Benefit high beam 

I have never been able to afford expensive makeup or even thought about it twice as Benefit is out of my price range. So for my birthday I was very kindly gifted this high beam highlighter, which I am eternally grateful for. It comes in a nail varnish type bottle and it applies very similar to nail varnish as the brush is the same, which is easy to apply. The colour is a soft pink and leaves the skin looking natural and glowy, something I would look for in a highlighter. Its on the high street for £19.50, which I think is extremely expensive, however you do get your moneys worth. When applying you don't need to use that much so I will see how long it lasts me and get back to you. Would I recommend? Yes I would, but I think you can get the equivalent for a lot cheaper.

Revolution vivid baked

I have spoken about this highlighter before being my absolute fave. The colour is the best thing about it as it leaves your face naturally lit up and its not too sparkly. I prefer dry highlighters rather than the creamy ones as this is easier to apply. This is so affordable for £4.40.

Rimmel contour pallete

When I was shopping for a new foundation the other day, I got brainwashed into the buy one get one half price offer and grabbed this new palette from Rimmel. Now I love palettes and this has everything I need. It has a blusher, contour and a highlighter, blended together these colours look fab.  Again this is very affordable, I somehow got it for only £2 which doesn't make sense as its £6.99 in stores. But if you're looking for a palette with everything in and your new to contouring and highlighting I would start with this.

Highlighting stick

You can tell I am no makeup expert by the way I label things. I am not sure where the last product is from as I have had it for ages. I think it may be Max factor and its basically just a subtle gold highlighter. I originally bought this for outlining my eyes. But this is good for highlighting under brows or even applying as a eyeshadow. I can't imagine this was more than £6, but I do know most makeup brands sell them.

I hope this post has been some use to you, let me know your favourite drugstore highlighters and recommendations.

                                                                           Nutella x 


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