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I wanted to just do a brief makeup over view of the different things I have. So recently I have put everything in a huge drawer instead of being crammed in a makeup box and my life has become ten times easier. I will do another post about my favourite brands/products etc, however today is basically a lil overview.

I have also just brought a template so bare with me as I try and sort it out and make it look how I want.

OK so this is the contents of my drawer. I haven't got my hands on proper makeup storage yet as being a student budgets are very tight, so for now my makeup is in lil crates or my makeup box. 

So top left hand corner I keep a few random products. Mainly bronzers, highlighters, blushers and my eyebrow pencils.

Top right corner is my face products, so foundations, concealers and primers.

Bottom left I have my eye shadow palettes, with my very few brushes next to them.

Finally bottom right I have mascaras, eyeliners and lipsticks. 

I have a mixtures of foundations varying from matte to light base. I can't say I am a fan of matte concealers as they dry my skin up, however a light base one is really complimentary on my skin. My new favourite is Rimmel wake me up foundation. The texture is perfect and leaves your face with a very natural glow, would definitely recommend. I have also been loving the collection primer in cool rose, again this gives a very natural shine. Finally my favourite concealer has been the Maybeline NY dream, this is a recent purchase and its nearly all used up. If you like your under eye to look brighter and have a natural glow I would recommend trying this.

Onto my palettes I have always loved revolution. I think their palettes have such good pigmentation and are easy to blend. But I have a new favourite which is MUA. I have never tried any MUA products before but was gifted this. I love my pinks and golds, and this palette has them all with a mixture of browns. Not only this but there are two creamy eye shadows which I use to prime my eyes. So overall very impressed with this palette.

So this is just a jumble of products. I haven't got any decent bronzers at the moment so if you know any good high street ones please let me know. I always used Bourjois but I find it very orange like on my skin so not a fan of that anymore. However I am in love with the revolution gold baked highlighter and also got my hands on Rimmels new blusher, contour and highlight palette which is in the middle. I will do a review on that, but so far AMAZING.

Finally my mascaras, and a few fave lipsticks. I like having lengthy lashes rather than really volumized ones. I use the Boujoris mascara which is the extra volume one and it just adds really good length to my lashes and not making it look too over the top. I then add to this by using N07 length mascara and again it just gives a very natural look. My favourite lipstick beside velvet teddy at the moment has been sleek ' bodysuit' matte lipstick. Again I will review this and show pictures. I never really liked matte lipsticks but this one is so long lasting its perfect for everyday wear.

So this is a lil brief overview of my current collection. I will go into detail on certain products in other posts.

                                                                              Nutella x

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