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My morning skin care routine

Hello, So I've decided on my blog to start doing series posts on a weekly basis. Last week I focused on advice posts so if you want to check them out, they are located in sections on right hand side of my blog. It was really nice to see so many of you could relate, I enjoyed reading your messages and again it doesn't seem to appear when you post but I do get notified and I will reply.

So this week I am focusing on beauty. I am starting off with my daily morning skincare routine. Now I used to be someone who had really good skin, never got spots and just had the occasional dry skin break out around my nose area. However since about 18, I developed a rash on my head that I have had ever since, something that really knocks my confidence. I couldn't believe it, I never had spots growing up, just the occasional huge one but not multiple scattered over my head. So since then I have been learning how to handle that and I will do a more in depth post about my skin and what my coping methods/advice.

OK so what I use on my face changes regularly as I'm still trying to find the best moisturiser, best makeup remover etc. But for now this is what I have been using for the last 2-3 weeks.  

Micellar water
So in the morning I usually have a bit of left over makeup that I didn't scrub off properly the night before, so I use the simple micellar water. I am weary of products like this because they are harsh on my skin and now my skin is extremely sensitive. I tried using a makeup remover like this before and my entire face became inflamed so I do warn you if you have sensitive skin to be weary of that. However this particular product has so far been really good on my skin, the only negative being it doesn't completely take my eye makeup off but that could just be me. You can purchase this in Boots and Superdrug and its very affordable. I will always recommend simple. So I just use this in the morning to cleanse my face and then dry it with my Muslim cloth.

Aveeno moistruser 

OK, next I moisturise using Aveeno. Aveeno are supposed to be very good for people with dry skin. This moisturiser is very soft on the skin, easy to apply and leaves your skin feeling very fresh as it gets rid of the dryness. I have only used this for the last 2 weeks so I will let you know if my skin has improved in a few weeks time. Again this is very affordable, it was around £5 at Boots.

Palmers cocoa butter

If you're like me and you can't stand dry lips, then your dull days are over. I have always looked for a good lip balm, Vaseline just doesn't do it for me anymore. So a friend recommended me trying Palmers. First of all the smell is LUSH and your lips are healed in seconds. I highly recommend this product. I think it was around £3-4. 

(A quick beauty hack, if you suffer from cracked skin around your nose like me, put this on the dried up area and sorted)


As my skin is sensitive not only do I have to watch what I put on it but also how I put things on it and how I remove. So I tend to use cotton wool just because its soft on my skin and then a Muslim cloth with warm water rubbing in circles then all done

I hope this post has been some use to you. Let me know what products you use in the morning and any recommendations 

Nutella x

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  1. Great morning skin care routine, I need to start paying more attention to mine! Xx