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Well this is very weird for me to start posting fashion posts again. The reason I haven't for SO LONG and I mean very long time ago now, is mainly due to not having anywhere to take photos in my room at uni and the background of a door at home wasn't too appealing for me.

Anyway what I do have at uni is a very heavenly blessed mirror, I wish I could take with me for the rest of my life. However as I am writing this post I have realised how dusty my mirror is, so I will make sure I clean that before taking photos in the future and probably my Iphone camera as well because thats usually a good camera. Anyway I am going to stop rambling on and talk about today's OOTD.

Ok so this is my casual daytime shopping outfit. I am a MAJOR lover for Topshop jeans, that I bought my 5th pair today. Honestly if I could promote how beautiful these jeans are I would. I wouldn't shop for jeans anywhere else apart from Topshop, honestly so flattering and figure hugging.

Le outfit

Top- £9.99
The weather now is almost just a jumper and cardigan, I have got away with that for the last few days. This jumper is from Newlook. Where can you go wrong with a striped jumper? I live for stripes because they pretty much work well with everything, especially jeans. This one is black and white and quite thin material but not too thin so you're freezing to death. Its also the ribbed material which makes up 80% of my wardrobe.


Grey Tall Moto Joni Jean.
I always wanted to try out a grey pair and now I live in them. Grey goes with anything and its also an all year round colour. They work well in this spring season with pinks. JUST LOVE, let me know if you have any fave Topshop jeans. I only like the high waisted ones because they are stretchy and just last ages. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Sorry I get so excited when I talk about jeans.


Shoes- £25
Great photography skills Ella, my shoes are suede style boots from Newlook. I always buy my boots from Newlook, mainly because they just have the style I love. They are complete with a chunky styled heel, I love boots like this. I am all about chunky heeled shoes, they are great for everyday wear and just comfortable!. I couldn't find the exact link for this style but I have found a similar style.


So this is my outfit of the day, let me know what you're loving at the moment. Whats your fave spring look? Also do you want me to get back into posting OOTD's?

PS- If you're a student you can save SO much money if you buy online with Uni days discount or get a NUS card, I can't even describe how much this has helped me out.

                                                                    Hope you have a lovely weekend
                                                                                      Nutella x

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