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Quick and easy meals for students

Those of you who are students will understand the hardships faced when you suddenly have to cook for yourself EVERY night at uni, goodbye mum and hello independence, god did that hit me when I left home. Its only recently I began to change my eating habits at uni, I was getting sick of kievs and chips or anything you could shove in the ol microwave so I thought, right I've been here long enough now, I am older, I need to start eating different stuff and look after my body.

The best way to get out of the old microwave or shove it in the oven with some chips routine is actually buy all your ingredients. I have started eating curry (not microwave), where you just add your own sauce and cook the rice, A LOT healthier than the takeaway ones. I also do different pasta dishes such as meatballs, spaghetti carbonara and tuna pasta bake. Do you know what the best secret is, in any supermarkets you can get the sachets, I'll link a pic, I mean the recipes are endless and its just basically the flavour but you can have ANY meal. Now they don't taste as nice as buying the proper sauces BUT its a step closer from removing yourself away from the microwave and experiencing how to cook.

These are MEGA cheap, 80p and all you need to add is pasta and milk and then bobs your uncle. Very very easy stuff so would recommend starting with these.

Today I thought I would try spaghetti carbonara, now as a student you have to weigh up costs, so I either spend £2.50 on the carbonara fresh sauce or by the 80p sachet. So I bought the sachet, got some fresh spaghettti and whats carbonara without bacon, again something really simple to fry up and an extra topping which equals more filling instead of a microwave meal or takeaway. BINGO

I can't say its as good as buying fresh sauce but for a student its a good meal and you can add anything you want to it really to make sure you're getting your five a day.

For pudding, bit more unhealthy but thought I would experiment with brownies. Now I do want to try the healthy brownies where you add veg and apparently you can't taste it, but the thought of brownies with veg inside just defeats the object of a brownie to be honest. So again something really simple to make, it was £2 for the mix and it makes up to 16, something that can last you over a week.

So when you venture to uni, just start experimenting with food and your money, just because ingredients are cheaper doesn't necessarily mean they are vile.

Let me know your favourite go to quick meals at uni or just in general?

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