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Reviewing foundations

Hello, today I thought I would review the foundations I have in my current collection. I am yet to get my hands on high end foundations such as Mac, just can't really justify spending that much on foundation.

Rimmel wake me up

 I have been looking for a new foundation to test out and this by far has been the best one. I have always heard good reviews and beauty vloggers raving about it, so I thought I would see what all the fuss is about. The coverage is perfect. If you like a light base foundation that isn't matte and leaves your skin very fresh looking and glowing, this will be perfect for you. My skin has never reacted better to a foundation as much as it does with this one, I am very pleased.

The only negative I could find is, I purchased the wrong shade. As I am very pale I thought the next colour up was too dark on my skin, but in the future I will purchase a darker colour as the coverage on this is fab and just makes your skin look lively.

Maybeline dream velvet

This foundation works perfectly blended with a light base one, but as I am not a huge fan of matte foundations, this hasn't been one of my faves. My mum gifted this to me for my birthday so I have tried it a few times and just can't get on with it. The colour is too harsh on my skin and I have to really blend it for a smooth finish, but as my skin is sensitive it doesn't compliment it, only dries it up. Its quite a thick texture and I don't like being able to feel the foundation on my face like I can with this one. So I wouldn't recommend this personally, but if you love matte looks this would suit you.

N07 essentialy natural

I have used this foundation for years and can't fault it. The coverage is perfect and n07 are just simply the best for matching your skin colour. I highly recommend you get a skin colour test before purchasing a foundation from this brand. Your skin feels natural and hydrated and can breathe as its very light base, but not too light so you can't tell you have it on. I would definitely recommend.

Maybeline dream matte mousse

Again as this is matte, not a huge fan. Maybe I just don't get on with Maybeline foundations. My main issue with this style is the fact its not in a tube and I don't use brushes but a beauty blender so applying this meant my nails would become dirty and overall just complicated to apply. But thats just me. This again dried my skin up, so don't think I will be purchasing matte in the future.

Maxfactor miracle touch

This foundation I do like. It comes with a sponge to apply and its very light base leaving your face with a natural glow, so I do quite like this foundation. But again I prefer applying foundation from a tube rather than a pot.

Let me know your favourite foundations and if you have any of the above,

Nutella x

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