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Sixth form or college? Whats best?

I think this is a really important topic to cover because after GCSE's you take more control of your life and focus on aspects you want to do in the future. So the next two years are going to help you decide if you want to go to university or into a full time job. But how do you make the decision between sixth form and college?

Personally I regret going to sixth form and if I had the mindset I have now, I would have most definitely gone to college.

Why college?

At college you can focus on one thing or do A levels. If I went to college I would have done a BTEC and focused on a course involving TV or radio. This would have still got me to the same degree I am on now, but would have been extra experience. I really recommend going to college if you know what area you want to go into. At college you are going to be treated more like an individual in the real world rather than a child at sixth form. People who have gone to college told me how much freedom they had, the different opportunities they got and meeting loads of new people. So if you know what you want to do at university and your set on it, I would recommend going to college to focus on a particular area.

Why sixth form?

I personally didn't enjoy sixth form mainly because it still felt like school and there were lots of restrictions. I think sixth form is good if you enjoy the routine of full days and teachers constantly pushing you. Its also good if you have no clue what you want to do because you can do 3 or 4 different subjects, from there you can work out what you like and don't like. So I think that is pretty useful. I really enjoyed studying sociology and I was tempted to do a degree in it but I have always had my heart set on journalism and I do cover some aspects of sociology. So sixth form isn't all bad, you are pushed and have plenty advice which is very useful, compared to college where its up to you to turn up and to make the best out of the two years there.

So when you're deciding where you wanna go in the next two years make sure you consider both options. Look at the pros and cons, research the courses and engage more with your future, which path is going to get you closer to where you want to be in 7 years time?

Any questions about sixth form or advising you on courses please let me know x

                                                                   Nutella x

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