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Staying healthy at uni?

University is a struggle enough but staying HEALTHY is another massive stress. I recently learnt today that subscriptions aren't free for over 19's and it slowly sunk in, I am no longer a child and have to look after myself.

The easiest way to stay healthy at uni is by avoiding being lazy. Being lazy is ordering repetitive takeaways, ready meals just LAZY. And of course, I do fall into that category, but I try to have a takeaway only once a week and I'm not that much of a fan of ready meals.

The first way to start being healthy is WATER, oh my days if you haven't purchased what we all call a sippy cup then I don't know what you're doing with your life. Its basically a cup with a straw but holds 500ml, a perfect way to make sure you drink 1 or 2 litres a day AND you don't even realise you're drinking that much. And you can take it everywhere, perf for lectures and just everyday use and they are CHEAP, so students what are you waiting for, go PRIMARNI (Primark). Mine was £3 and its pretty with a rose gold lid I mean LUSH.

Secondly I'm not a HUGE veg eater, don't know why I am capitalising everything but hey ho. So I tend to eat fruit only but today I bought lettuce and now I am going to start eating more salady stuff as well as making sure I'm eating fruit. Now buying fruit and veg as a student is very expensive compared to a bar of chocolate or just something tasty (how annoying). Although I do advise you to get a NUS card and you get 10% off with this in CO-OP, don't know what other food shops allow you to use it but its so good to save a few pennies.

I am now making sure I am drinking at least 1 litre of water a day, 2 portions of fruit and 1 portion of salad, as well as gyming or squats. I am going to try this for a month and see if I feel less tired and just happier? Eating healthy makes you a lot more motivated for life than snacking off junk food and I can clarify that. I haven't been very well for the last month due to the stupid pill so my health has completely deteriorated but eating healthier today has already made my body improve.

The second thing you need to make sure you do is SLEEP get plenty of sleep, I can't even talk about being good at this because I'm really not. I always plan on going to sleep around 11 but then I look and its 1, thanks to Youtube.

SO just really look after your health and you will see improvements

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