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The end of a relationship?

At some point in your life you're going to experience heartbreak. This might be at a young age in primary school where your crush doesn't want to go to the school disco with you or the end of your first love in senior school. Whatever age you are its difficult but I feel as you get older its even harder as relationships are ten times more serious and you understand your emotions more. However not everyone experiences heart ache, some people ( the very lucky few) find their love as a teenager and spend the rest of their lives with them which I think is absolute goals.

Breaking up is a horrible situation. Suddenly you have to remember what its like to be independent again, how to socialise with the other gender and stay happy. At the same time theirs the issue of not ending on good terms, if you end mutually this is a good way for a healthy future. But the people who end where the other person is still madly love can be incredibly hard. I've seen friends go through this and me being on the other side of things in a relationship.

There's always that horrible concept of seeing the person you love with someone else. I don't ever want to have to experience this kind of pain as I can't begin to imagine how degrading that is. But at the end of the day the bitterness you feel to that person the only thing you can do is be happy for them and continue with your life. Relationships end for a reason, do you really want to stay with someone who has no interest in a future with you and they are miserable themselves? The people that get dumped in a relationship think they are the ones who are worse off, when in reality the other person is as equally devastated.

The best thing to do at the end of a relationship is stop contact, however hard it is, none of this friends business, because you're feelings will get deeper and you will end up more obsessed than before. You have to cut off for some time and get on with your life. Focusing on yourself is so important. None of this girl detective stuff where you manage to find your ex boyfriends best friends cousin who has links and pictures with him. You have to not obsess over social media and go back to being you, have fun single!

The end of a relationship might seem like the worse thing in the world, but cherish the memories and think I'm going to find someone even better in the future, which is exciting

                                                                                  Nutella x

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