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Girls that flirt with your guy

Hello everyone, I am still alive just been finishing off first year of uni with endless assignment deadlines and exams. SO haven't been able to post.

Today I wanted to kind of give a guide on how to cope with girls who flirt with your boyfriend. Thing is you can't stop your boyfriend talking to other girls, that's fine if he wants to do that, but when a girl is coming in between you both and affecting your relationship, that's when you need to TALK. The question is, is it the boy or girls fault? The only way you can work this out is by watching both of their behaviours around each other. But most importantly don't think you're OVER REACTING. Which most probably your boyfriend will tell you as they don't seem to notice how sly some girls can be. Trust me I know.

So the way you determine if someone is into your boyfriend is very easy,

- Constant compliments
- Attention
-Liking E V E R Y T H I N G
- Body contact
- Texting
- Awkwardness when you're around
- Jealousy when you mention things that you have done with him

You can read alot of sites and they will probably tell you you're overreacting or a complete psycho obsessed with your boyfriend. Well listen to me your not and please don't be made to feel this way as the issue will only get worse. If you feel threatened by a girl, by the way she behaves around your boyfriend don't let her get away with it. Firstly confront your boyfriend, you don't have to be a bitch but just be clear and say I'm not happy with how this girl acts around you, its affecting me. Now a normal boyfriend should clock this and think hmm I should maybe watch it to or being a typical boy they will act clueless and be like what???? SHE'S JUST FRIENDLY. No ladies no. Don't stand for that, because lets face it, this girl is not friendly and she does not respect your relationship.

Most respectful girls who are aware boys are in relationships don't tend to do the above. If anything your petrified to even make eye contact.

The second thing you need to do is sit this girl down. Now you will find these people that flirt could be a close friend, which makes it even more awkward. But then think of this, if they are a 'close' friend, why would they even do it? I don't believe in any of the bull that some people are born 'naturally flirty' no your not.

Friends don't flirt with your guy, friends respect you. Girls that do this in front of your face and purposely make you feel uncomfortable are nothing but jealous and trust me, don't you dare stand for it.

A relationship is about two people not three. If someone is trying to involve themselves talk to both parties and make that person back off. No, its not controlling behaviour. Its controlling to say don't speak to any girls, but if one person is making you feel miserable and awkward to be around when your with your partner, don't stand for it.

I feel alot of you will connect with this. Let me know your thoughts xx

I can breathe again now, rant over.


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