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May favourites

I'm trying to do one of these type of posts every month, as I am someone who loves experimenting with different brands, especially for moisturisers, hair care products and new lippys. So this month I have been mainly focusing on my skin and hair and I've come across a range of products that will benefit you.


I will always recommend Garnier products, I think they are perfect for all skin types and this seems to be the only brand that works well with my skin as I have extremely sensitive skin. The first product I have been loving is the Micellar water, this is perfect for removing your makeup and leaves your face extra soft. The product doesn't burn your eyes like alot of them seem to do, I would highly recommend this, its also a large bottle, and you only need a tiny bit each time so long lasting, bargain for £3.

My next love is the Summer Body Moisturising lotion. I am EXTREMELY pale, I have never been interested in tanning only because I am scared of looking fake or it just being a disaster. So, what I have always done to make me look a tad more human is buy tinted moisturisers that give you colour. This is by far my favourite. Again its worked so well with my skin, no rashes, smooth application and gives you a bronze glow. I've been using this for the last 2 weeks and my skin looks so much healthier. I would recommend getting the lightest shade. A lot of people think that these don't work, but it does leave your hands orange if you don't use an applicator so proof it does tan you. I just think this is perfect to make you look healthier. I have been wearing it as a moisturiser and my face looks so much more alive than constantly looking sickly pale. This was £2.50.  £2.50 to look naturally bronzed? Silly not to try it.



Not only do I struggle with being sickly pale, I also love having long hair however mine is extremely thin. So I have been testing products over the last few months to try and get the thickness. Thickening shampoo and conditioner DO WORK, I thought it was a myth. Maybe it works if you have extra thin hair like me, but the volume I suddenly have has been so much nicer.

I saw Loreal had brought out a new hair care range and I thought why not try it. The Double Elxr, is for volume and thickness, its a spray which can be applied after a shower or on dry hair. Doesn't leave your hair greasy but gives it that boost it needs to be thicker looking. My only negative about this product is it can leave your hair feeling a bit static. This was £3.48. I definitely recommend you to try different hair products for different effects.

My second product from Loreal was a thickening hair mask. This smells amazing, you apply after using shampoo, makes your hair SUPER SOFT and glossy. My hair felt so hydrated and glossy after using it. It also helps repair your hair and I feel mine is in a fairly bad condition the longer it gets, but this has really helped. This was £2.53.

Finally is my favourite product I will always recommend for the best smelling hair ever. I have tried the actual argon oil before and this made my hair super greasy and wet looking so wasn't a huge fan. However Poundlound sell a cheaper duplicate of the product, this one smells incredible, again its a hair mask, one you apply for around 6 minutes. Your hair is left glossy and smelling amazing. You don't always have to spend a lot on expensive brands, experiment because even the cheapest can work wonders.

Let me know your favourites and whether you have tried any of these products.

Loreal hair mask

Loreal thickening spray

Garnier summer body

Micellar water

Argan oil hair mask

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