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My guide to a successful interview

The most nerve racking thing in life right? The numerous panic attacks, loss of breath, sweat dripping down your face, the awkward car journey with your parents who keep asking you a million questions, everyone wishing you good luck asking how its going and you just want to scream and shove your headphones in. Trust me I know.

Today I attended an interview at Boots, I used to work there and I hated it before. I was 16, young, hated everything about myself, absolutely no confidence, I couldn't believe I had passed the interview and got the job? I had no self esteem what so ever, so when I got the phone call I was so confused WHY did they choose me. Step one, be POSITIVE, don't put yourself down, you're more than capable of things.

So here's some steps how to smash your first ever interview:

1) PREPARE, they ask leading questions that can throw you like a maths question. Read up on the company, know the importance of providing good customer service, show you are a friendly approachable person. They will ask you things like, how would you know if a customer wants to be approached, give me an example of a time you've worked under pressure. Questions you have literally ten seconds on the spot to think. Don't go unprepared, make sure you do your reading, look at forums for the job, what sort of interview questions were asked. This is extremely helpful.

2) CONFIDENCE, Smile, make eye contact, be friendly even if its false, something my mum always told me, if you don't feel confident, try not to show it, make them believe you are. Employers want people who will be good with the public, approachable, can work in a team, good listeners, passionate about what they do.

3) FLEXIBILITY, if you go into an interview and state when you can and can't work this doesn't look professional, you need to be flexible, state you are up for a range of hours, whenever they need you. Obviously if you have other commitments like school, sixth form or a club that's understandable, but just trying to achieve another hour in bed is not worth it. They won't take someone on who's not willing to be flexible.

4) COMFORT ZONE, step out of it, its the most rewarding thing ever. Don't be someone who never tries new things, again something an employer won't like, show you are up for new ideas, working with different people, tricky customers. Be confident in yourself and show this employer you are worth their time.

I hope these pointers will help you out. Let me know any good or bad interviews you have ever had. My interview today was one of the nicest I have ever had. Its all about relaxing and being confident. YOU CAN DO THIS.

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