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A guide for first years

First year has been an absolute whirlwind. To sum it up I would say, freedom, tears, happiness, memories, pre drinks and dominos?

For me personally, going to uni was a good choice. I have learnt to look after myself, budget and find my feet without my parents. I have learnt you can't live off ready meals forever or blow all your cash on dominos. Mum can't ring the doctors for you and you have to face those terrifying phone calls alone, but I guess its good? Its taught me to grow up.

(Don't bring your entire life to uni)

Uni is great for meeting new people and learning about something you are really passionate about. I feel secure still being in the education system, if I wasn't, I wouldn't have a clue what job I would go into, and I think that's how you know if uni is the right step for you.

Its not just about joining a new course, you change as a person, not in a bad way at all, most definitely a good way. Its made me realise I would love to have my own place and how I would look after it. 

At uni its you who is solely in control of EVERYTHING. You don't attend your course, no one will chase you, you waste £9000. You don't look after your body or health, your problem, there's no one there to guide you. Its all about being an individual and cry that horrible word, your now a 'grown-up'.

So here's a few things to expect, they sound negative but I promise I have actually had a good year but I think most first years can relate to this:

My best memories of this year were the constant pranks, but be aware, not all your flatmates like pranks and security was called on two occasions, but hey ho, all a learning curve. BUT the fines are not a laughing matter, £60 for cling filming someones door? Joke.

Don't get a pet, my flatmate decided to buy a rabbit and the poor thing was kept in a cage and uni is very very noisy, we got rid of it in the end, when it was caught out in the fire drill check..

Remember to turn off the oven or the hobs, unless you want to burn your building down:)

Don't let the bins pile up, if you don't take them out no one will and they just sit there covered in mould.

BRING A WII, the amount of arguments, tears,anger and laughter we have had on Mario kart this year has been unbearable, playing every race until we all beat each other. Nightmare.

The domino's boxes will start to collect on top of your fridge and you will end up morphing mount everest.

DON'T BREAK ANYTHING. The damages cost are sky high, be extremely weary and don't throw wild parties unless you want mighty fines.

Don't throw beer or drinks in the bin that haven't been tipped away, the bin doesn't magically absorb it..

THROW AWAY MOULDY MILK, be prepared you will live with dirty people, I mean lack of hygiene and they won't throw away their food OR WASH UP, be prepared for the arguments on the group chat.

Do your washing up, there's no washing up fairy and scrubbing plates with four day old curry on is really not worth the sweat.

One TV isn't great when the majority of your flat are sporty and you hate everything but football every Wednesday night or the rugby and just want to watch trashy TV. So I do suggest you purchase sky go and sit comfortably in your room every-night.

The internet connection is horrendous and you will be holding your laptop to the ceiling just to watch the end of your youtube video.

The washing machines are usually faulty and swallow your money so be prepared to spend £4 in total and god, top tip here, don't leave your clothes on top of each other drying as they will smell of mould and BO.


Don't form too close bonds with flat mates because they aren't all what they seem, you will see their true colours in a few months time and the nights spent in the communal area will soon decease.

You will be scraping together your silvers for a maccies and CO OP becomes your best friend.

GET AN NUS CARD, do it, never looked back since.

Buy a pack of cards for drinking games and speakers.

Uni is very noisy, be expected to be woken up at all sort of hours by your drunken flatmates or taxis outside. Student night is pretty much every night

Don't take your entire life with you, because I had to pack for four hours yesterday and it was one of the most painful tasks I've ever done.

You're extremely lucky if you get a student loan, feel blessed, mine only covered my accommodation.

Finally, don't rush into buying a house for second year, because you start getting the emails in December and who knows if you will still be friends with those people, be weary.

                  *****************              *******************

Honestly, I have loved first year, regardless of the arguments its been fab. I met my boyfriend and also a really lovely stable group of friends. I passed my law exam and got an A, which seems so out of this world for me and overall I am pretty proud of my grades. Work hard and you will be fine and if uni isn't for you, that doesn't mean your a failure or not good enough.

Hope this post kinda helps any of you going this year. I'm gonna attempt a youtube video on what to take so IF IT GOES TO PLAN, (cmon its me so probs not) I will upload, but we will see.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Remember, please message me about ANYTHING. I don't bite.

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