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Blogging tips for beginners

Starting a blog can seem very daunting, what do I post, will anyone even care, am I good enough? All sorts of questions will be flowing through your brain but my advice is JUST GO FOR IT. Blogging has completely boosted my confidence and its somewhere I can share anything I want to and people don't necessarily have to even know its you, that's if you are terrified of being found by school peeps.

So I thought I would put together a guide on how you can become a good blogger and a few lil starter tips.

My number one tip when it comes to blogging is INTEREST. If you don't have any interest in what your writing, your readers won't either. I love makeup but I prefer writing about OOTD'S or lifestyle choice posts. Writing about things that don't interest you will make this whole experience so boring.

Secondly, it would be good to have a routine for blogging but don't feel pressurised. Its not like youtube, blogging is much more relaxed and people aren't really gonna jump down your throat over every comment you make. So don't feel forced to get into a routine and write something on a particular day. My blog really varies, I will go some months every day, others every other day and sometimes I will just have no content to write, like I've discovered in the last few days, so don't want to bore people with something random.

ANGLE. Having an angle for your blog excites the readers. Build a rapport with the blogging community and sell yourself as a writer, you might get some amazing opportunities coming your way.

Social media, social media is SO important. I mean so important, because you will generate more views by having different platforms. Start a separate instagram and twitter away from your personal and this way it can be specifically for your blog. You will then be able to connect with a range of people.

Hashtagging, on twitter you can get your blog noticed in so many ways by hashtagging and @ different accounts. You will find there are plenty of blogging accounts that will retweet your posts so every time you make a post make sure to tag them in it, again so many different people will view your page and its just all exciting from there.

Buffer, I was recently introduced to this site the other day. This site allows you to prepare tweets with your blog pages links onto twitter and they can be sent out every hour or a weekly routine. Again this is so good for generating more views and getting your name out there.

Widgets, on your blog its important you have all your social media links easily accessible  and in view. Make sure to have clear drop down menus with links to all your pages and different interactive pieces for your audience.

BUY A DECENT TEMPLATE. I cannot stress enough how buying a template completely transformed my blog and made my life ten times easier. You can download ones from the Internet for free but these are hard to edit and difficult to add your own touch and delete content from. Buying your own makes everything look so much neater and professional. I bought mine from Etsy.

So these are just a few tips on what you can do to start your own blog, which I hope have helped

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