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You might call them leotards, I know I do, but Topshop tend to call them bodies? So thats what imma call them. 
So today I wanted to show you a super casual but kinda dressy summer look, one you can dress down or up.

I never used to be a fan of bodies as I didn't like fitted clothing, but as I have got older I have learnt to appreciate my body more and realise your not young forever, so don't be ashamed of your curves, the size of your boobs, if your stomach sticks out. ITS NOT WORTH IT. 

Body- Topshop £18
Shorts- American Apparell £56
Sandals- Newlook  £15.99

I would really recommend you get a body, they are so complimenting to your figure, pull you in, in all the right places and if your flat chested, these make your boobs look bigger, TRUST ME. I love the neck line on this one, it can make me feel a tad self conscious but its such a pretty neckline. I also love the sleeves on this, I'm not a fan of strappy bodies or ones with open backs, so this is perfect and its BLACK, my fave colour for life.

I think this works so well with my high waisted shorts. I think I'll always be a fan of high waisted shorts, I still don't feel comfortable showing off all my stomach or ones that sit right on your waist. So these ones make me feel happy about life. They did cost a bomb, but 3 years strong? Deffo worth the money.

To finish off this look I went for some strappy black sandals, (the usual), and yeah. I love simple looks like this and basic colours.

Its really hard to know how the weather is going to turn at the minute as one minute its extra hot, the next its thundering.

I was mega hot in this look today and I thought I would be freezing.

Hope you all have a lush weekend. 


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