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Body shaming

I will never understand as girls why we body shame each other, as if we haven't gone through a lot in history already, with barely any rights to men. Why the hell are we so against each other, it was once men who made us feel so small but why do we do it to our own gender?

We are not little pathetic school girls anymore. That group of girls who would consistently laugh as you walked by, point out all your flaws and made you feel not valued. Those kind of girls are called girls for a reason. Girls are immature and bitchy. 

Women are not. Women value other women. Women empower other women and don't put others down.

I see so many girls body shame other girls. 

So what if your waist isn't a size 6. So what if your teeth slightly point out, you don't have small facial features. SO WHAT. 

Why in this society do we care SO much what we look like. 

I realised this even more today when I was filming a video. I stopped and thought, who the hell am I trying to please by looking a certain way. No one, but myself. And that's how it should be.

There are many things I despise about myself but I would never make someone feel that way about their own body.

I find it sickening how others take a liking to making others feel ridiculously unattractive.

Value who you are and you will see this world in a different light.

If you carry on giving in to how people make you feel, or the desired look, you will never be who you are.

You will be creating a manufactured look.

Don't body shame others. You are perfect the way you are. And sadly, rarely any of us see it, because we are so consumed by the spiteful words fed to us by those who don't value us.

Be a WOMAN not a GIRL.


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