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Can you have a guy/girl bestfriend when in a relationship?

Its hard when you get into a relationship, you are absorbed into that person, you adore them and want to spend every dying moment with them, maybe a bit extreme..However its hard when you used to be extremely close with a guy or a girl and then whether your partner is willing to accept it.

Jealousy is a common thing in relationships. But if you trust someone then why should they being friends with the opposite sex be such an issue? I completely understand both sides of the argument BUT the only time I will not accept close friendships is when you become close with someone in a relationship, I do find that weird. But if you have known someone longer than your partner you shouldn't throw that relationship away. Obviously there are boundaries, and you may end up doing the same things you actually do with your partner, which may seem weird and out of order to your partner.

I'm someone that has a mixed friendship group and Ive always been close with the boys in my group, especially to one, but not on a romantic level at all. Its weird how you react around certain people but hanging out with him is COMPLETELY different to hanging out with my boyfriend.

Its such a controversial issue, a lot of people say GIRLS AND BOYS CAN'T JUST BE FRIENDS. I feel they can, it depends on the person, whether you trust that person and do you have a friendship with the person they are close too. I think this is so important when you get into a relationship to tell your partner about other people in your life, if you don't they have every right to feel the way they do.

You might have to change how you used to act around that person, instead of hanging out one on one, hang out as a group, becuase the last thing and I mean the LAST thing you want to do is hurt your partner. Honesty is so important, I am so open with my boyfriend and I feel sometimes I am too open but I will always ask for his opinion on everything, if he isn't comfrtable I won't do it.

Its a tricky topic, do you choose your boyfriend or your friend. I would value both of your relationships and work out who you are more scared of losing. I know it shouldn't come down to this but sadly things change as you grow older and there are boundaries.

I would love to know your views on this topic and whether you have been in a similar situation yourself.


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