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Casual summer OOTD

I am going to be bringing back my OOTD's. At uni its impossible to photograph because I don't have anywhere to set my self timer up AND if someone takes the photo for me I feel extremely awkward. Who else loves a self timer? 

So some of you may recognise this post. This was one of my favourite casual outfits last summer. Black and stripes go hand in hand. You can dress this outfit up for a more night time look, drinks at a cute restaurant with fairy lights, going a bit off topic... but imagine. Or this is perfect for daytime, cute pair of chunky sandals, your good to go.

So the top I am wearing is one I got from Topshop a billion years ago. I mean literally AGES ago. But its one of those tops that's constantly brought back in and always in fashion, its deffo one of my go too's. I have no idea how much it was, I'll try and link a similar one for you, but its a very basic, cropped style, which is great to wear under dungarees or dresses like this or tucked into high waisted jeans and shorts.

The black dress I'm wearing was originally an underlay of another dress. This year I will look for an actual one and one that's longer as I doubt this would still fit me, my legs grow miles every year. You can buy black overlays from pretty much anywhere and different styles, ones that are more flowy or straight. I prefer the straight style.

I will more than deffo be wearing this hat again this summer, its so good for blocking the sun, but that's if this weather keeps up, which I highly doubt, it is England. I got this from H&M for £15 last summer.

Let me know your thoughts on this outfit and whether you want me to do more OOTD's.

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